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Big Bear Affair stands for quality, authenticity and service. We combine interior design with taxidermy and over the years we have created a large network of designers, traders and suppliers, making it possible to offer the most unique items to our customers.

Cabinets of Curiosities 

Inspired by the ‘cabinets of curiosities’ which were particularly popular in the 16th to 18th centuries, Big Bear Affair was founded by interior designer and taxidermist Bjorn Berendsen. In order to be able to provide his clientele with the most special and exclusive vintage furniture and home accessories, Bjorn specialised in the preparation of birds, butterflies and insects.

Conservation & Education

With today's knowledge, it's more important than ever that nature’s treasures are obtained in a responsible and legal way. For us nature conservation and education is the number one priority. By studying the natural attitude and appearance of the subjects, it is possible to give the animals & insects a true lifelike appearance. 

In Store & On Request

We constantly have a large collection of recently prepared insects, mammals and birds in stock. If your desired product happens to be unavailable, please feel to contact us since we can deliver all varieties quickly. We can also prepare animals that are already in your possession upon request. We must, however, state that we only work with animals that, if applicable, are in possession of the correct papers.






Overhoeksplein 2 (A-Lab), Amsterdam (alleen op afspraak)

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